Floppy Fishy™
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Floppy Fishy™

Floppy Fishy™

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The Floppy Fishy
has been designed to

Relieve boredom,
encourage exercise,

...and provide your pet with
an interactive experience!

Have a dog that would love the Floppy Fishy? Awesome! The Floppy Fishy isn't only meant for cats! We've seen many dogs play with the Floppy Fishy and would love to see one with your dog as well. The Floppy Fishy is made out of durable cotton specifically built against sharp teeth, paws, and rough play.
All Floppy Fishy toys are automatically included with our 30 day warranty. If there are any issues with your Floppy Fishy, contact us via hello@floppyfishyco.com and we'll send you a free replacement.


Floppy Fishy™

What are we about?

Take a look at why the Floppy Fishy is your cats new favorite toy!


Fish Simulation


Flopping Speed

Get the

Energy Out!

The Floppy Fishy is an amazing way for your cats to release energy! Make playtime more enjoyable by simulating their fish hunting instincts!


Always rechargeable, refillable catnip, and made with high quality cotton, The Floppy Fishy is here to stay. Interactive and fun, give your four legged friends the toy of their dreams. 

Eliminate Boredom

with the Floppy Fishy



Chargeable by USB


Catnip Pouch

High quality



Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
A unique toy for your cat's entertainment

This is a cute toy for my active cat 'Tasha'. She was a little bit scared of the fish first. I decided to turn off the toy and let her smell the catnip for few hours. When she is familiar the fish, I turned it on and let her play with it. Now she plays with the fish constantly and I had to hide it from her, otherwise she would grab it all night long.

The fish toy material is similar to a padded small cloth purse. Its durable and would last from cat's bites. I like the option to recharge the battery via USB. Save money on batteries. The small bag of catnip inside the fish helps a lot, because the toy may scare them at first. The fish's tail wiggles at a different speed each time it was touched. It added some excitement to see the changes of the flops.

If you would like to get a unique toy for your shy cat, get this. They will be entertained all day.

Bigger than expected!

They pass my smell test. ( Sounds weird but I don't like or want to give my cat something that smells of chemicals.)

As the title suggests they are larger than I thought they would be. Which is great! I love the larger toys, they are harder for my cat to shove under the couch or otherwise lose very easily like what has to be a thousand ball toys by now lost under couches or other things we don't move very often. (like the refrigerator. You'd be surprised.)


I finally found a toy my cat doesn't get bored with within a day! She absolutely loves her fish. I can barely get it away from her to charge it. Will be buying another one for backup!


My cats are obsessed and my husband and I can't stop laughing! The cats' initial reaction was curious hesitation, then obsessive stalking/staring, and now sneak attacks around corners and when it stops moving. I definitely appreciate how it is motion activated and has different flop patterns. It comes with a catnip pouch, which adds to the intrigue (both of my cats are catnip sensitive). Seems to charge quickly with the USB cable provided, but you need to have your own USB power adapter. Really fun cat toy, would recommend!

First and last cat toy?

By first, I mean first of its kind! Usually my cat Bella would not go for a toy by herself. I would have to play with her. She's very bored at home (especially when I'm out) and does not seem to enjoy herself much. I gave this toy high hopes and it was well worth it.

The last cat toy I will ever need.