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A unique toy for your cat's entertainment

This is a cute toy for my active cat 'Tasha'. She was a little bit scared of the fish first. I decided to turn off the toy and let her smell the catnip for few hours. When she is familiar the fish, I turned it on and let her play with it. Now she plays with the fish constantly and I had to hide it from her, otherwise she would grab it all night long.

The fish toy material is similar to a padded small cloth purse. Its durable and would last from cat's bites. I like the option to recharge the battery via USB. Save money on batteries. The small bag of catnip inside the fish helps a lot, because the toy may scare them at first. The fish's tail wiggles at a different speed each time it was touched. It added some excitement to see the changes of the flops.

If you would like to get a unique toy for your shy cat, get this. They will be entertained all day.

Bigger than expected!

They pass my smell test. ( Sounds weird but I don't like or want to give my cat something that smells of chemicals.)

As the title suggests they are larger than I thought they would be. Which is great! I love the larger toys, they are harder for my cat to shove under the couch or otherwise lose very easily like what has to be a thousand ball toys by now lost under couches or other things we don't move very often. (like the refrigerator. You'd be surprised.)


I finally found a toy my cat doesn't get bored with within a day! She absolutely loves her fish. I can barely get it away from her to charge it. Will be buying another one for backup!


My cats are obsessed and my husband and I can't stop laughing! The cats' initial reaction was curious hesitation, then obsessive stalking/staring, and now sneak attacks around corners and when it stops moving. I definitely appreciate how it is motion activated and has different flop patterns. It comes with a catnip pouch, which adds to the intrigue (both of my cats are catnip sensitive). Seems to charge quickly with the USB cable provided, but you need to have your own USB power adapter. Really fun cat toy, would recommend!

First and last cat toy?

By first, I mean first of its kind! Usually my cat Bella would not go for a toy by herself. I would have to play with her. She's very bored at home (especially when I'm out) and does not seem to enjoy herself much. I gave this toy high hopes and it was well worth it.

The last cat toy I will ever need.

New Best Friend

Took my cat a little while to warm up to the fish. The fish works intermittently, laying still for a while, then flopping actively when touched. Not turning off the battery allows the fish to activate during the night when kitty is up for a stroll.
The new "intruder" is a great adrenaline pump for unexpected nocturnal activity, until remembering the fish is the culprit. Fun to watch the cat interact with the fish. It is probably fun for the cat to watch the owner interact with it as well.

Good enough for my ADHD cat

this is well made and is still running after several weeks on only one charge. I loved that I can recharge by plugging it in instead of buying batteries. (So sick of batteries.) it looks and wriggles realistically enough to be a little creepy. The cat loved it! He’s an ADHD cat with extreme toy needs.

Good toy at first

Worked right out of the box.
Came with a sealed pouch of catnip. So glad that it is rechargeable via the USB cord it came with. Cats were entrigued right away. Their hunting instincts kicked in. But after a few times playing with it, they lost interest. Over the next few days they played with it a little bit. The sound it makes is a little annoying in the middle of the night, lol. But it's a cool cat toy and love the realistic fish look to it.

give it a slap first

This is well made and works as advertised IF your cats will pounce on it or slap it hard. Mine are more cautious so it does not turn on. If i tap it hard and get it going, one of my cats will kick on it a little but the other has no interest even with catnip. I used my own catnip so know its strong. I guess i will stick to paper bags and boxes to amuse my girls.

An issue.

So the only problem I have with this is my cat is able to switch it off and on with just playing with it. The switch is too easy to move. I wish it locked into place better. Other than that my cat loves it. When it’s moving he just stares at it, then once it stops he pounces. Then when it starts moving again he goes crazy attacking it. He doesn’t use his back legs to kick yet, but I’m sure he will as he loves to do that. Great toy for your money.

bigger thanm expected

The size of the toy was much bigger than expected but that was a plus since my kitty likes to bunny kick his toys. He wasn’t too impressed with the flopping motion so I cannot attest to battery life since I keep it turned off, but it did charge pretty quickly. The only thing that I would say needs work is the stitching around the velcro that give access to the charger started to pull a bit when I tried to charge. I would recommend adding more catnip to the toy since it doesn’t come with much to begin with, but catnip is usually available in a majority of cat owners homes so I would not include that as a negative for this toy.

good thing this is the real version

Overall, a good buy. I was nervous because I fell for the imitation version last year. This fish actually flips and flops. The charger and cord worked like they are supposed to and the motor charges quickly. There is even a little sachet of cat nip included. My cat liked it immediately and still plays with it here and there. He likes to give it a slap as he passes it by on the floor. I recommend adding your own catnip to keep this toy appealing to your cat.

what a cute toy

This is a great toy. Charges with a phone charger (cord included) and you leave it on. It only activates when they play with it. My 6 year old tom cat likes to hold it with his front feet while kicking it with his hind feet. It looks like a lot of fun! You may want to add catnip. You can easily sprinkle some into the velcro pouch that houses the mechanics.

another happy kitty

I decided to buy this for my spoiled kitty after seeing a friend post a video of his cat playing with a similar toy. It came fast, arrived the day after I ordered it and very easy to use. I let her get used to it, covering it in catnip spray and putting some catnip inside, then I turned it on and let it flap. She gets such a kick out of it! She even just lays with it sometimes now, not even playing haha!

My cat doesn’t know what to make of it when it flops.

My girl is notoriously hard to keep amused with cat toys. I was charging it in the bedroom; she found it and immediately claimed, rubbing her cheeks against it. Her behaviour was similar to her response to other catnip toys, but when I turned it on, she backed away, a bit bewildered. She seemed afraid to engage with it when it was on. When I turned it off, she returned to play with it, so I think for now, we’ll keep the power off. Like others have said, it is a great concept, but it takes some time for some shy kitties — including mine — from engaging fully with the toy.

Hello Heather, although we know how exciting it might be to turn on the Floppy Fishy right away, we would advise you to introduce the Floppy Fishy slowly with the included catnip. As your kitty is more comfortable, you can slowly start its motor. We hope the Floppy Fishy will be a great addition to your household!

It came broken.

Not sure if this is USPS fault or the manufactures. The box was pretty banged up... Either came broken or with no charge. Doesn't move when turned on. Cat still plays with it though.

Hello Fabbio, we are so sorry to hear that your Floppy Fishy did not come in a desirable condition. Although it may be due to the shipping carrier's handling, we will replace it entirely for free. Please contact us at

Buy one or more if you have a cat or cats

Ok, this thing is great and I’ve only had it a couple hours. I bought it because we have a foster kitten who is coming up on his first birthday and he doesn’t have any playmates because our cats are old and he’s getting destructive and bored. I saw an ad for this and immediately knew we needed it.

I put it down and all of the cats in the house, plus our dog, surrounded it. It took a few minutes, but the kitten started smacking it. And then he was off. He likes to pick it up by the tail (which inevitably sets it off). It’s great. One of my older cats, who is 15, is pretty interested, and I have a feeling that our other older cat and the kitten’s feral momma will be taking turns when no one is watching.

I’m glad it came charged so we didn’t have to wait to play with it. After a few hours of intermittent ply, Mr Fishy died, and had to be revived in a safe space where his lifeline could not be eaten. I love that it’s USB chargeable.

I’ve had cats my whole life, and fostered hundreds. This toy is great and I wish it had come into my life sooner! If you have cats, buy one of these and give it a shot.

I can’t speak yet to its durability or longevity but I appreciate that the fabric bit comes off so it can be washed or repaired.

My cat really likes his fish

I was affraid my cat wouldnt enjoy the fish, but he is very excited to play with it. He usually wants to play very late at night, and now he can chase the fish and play with it even when im sleeping.

I noticed that since he has his toy, my cat is less 'clingy', and i honestly think its because he is less bored now that he can wrestle with the fish when he feels active.

Im glad i got the floppy fish, my cat is really loving it and he seems happier now. This is a good investment if your cat likes to move and play a lot.

However! One side is thick and padded to contain catnip (which i havent used, Hades refuses to play with boxes or catnip like a normal cat) but the other side is very thin. This meants the mechanism case will flap on the ground sorta loudly when the toy moves. My solution was to stuff a snall sock on the thin side to reduce clankiness, but it would be nice if they added more padding to the fish by default.

No more cattitude .. lol

My rambunctious kitten is attacking the fish rather than us. Was so funny watching him at first swatting it and jumping back when it moved... but with in 10 minutes he was hugging and kicking it.. now he leaves the fish at the bottom of my hed like he brought me his prize lol

Ordered Salmon, got the silver tuna.

I specifically wanted the atlantic salmon because I was scared that the silver tuna had too much plush. My cat is 1 month old and can't fit such a plushy toy in her mouth. Even though the silver tuna is more expensive for that reason, I'll have to wait a few months before she can use it. Dissappointed.

Hello Hen,

We apologize for the mishap in different fish models. Please contact us at for a replacement.

broke after 1 week

4 stars if toy worked but my cat was able to break it after playing with it so much. I think there is a warranty so I will try that. Will update this review if possible in the future.

Hello Giana,

We are terribly sorry that the Floppy Fishy did not meet your expectations. We currently offer a free 30 day warranty on all our products. Please contact us at regarding your order for a free replacement.


The only review you'll probably need for this product.

I got these because my cat usually don't play with toys much and have separation anxiety when I leave for work. It was cheap so why not, I bought two in case the first one broke (I have not unpackaged the second one yet).

I didn't know what to think when I first received it and I didn't know how my cat would react. At first, Tom (my cat), was hesitate and spooked. I guess I introduced it way too quick expecting it to play with it like a dog would. I introduced it again and placed the catnip inside the toy. Slowly, but surely, he came to play with it.

Awesome, now to see what happens when I leave for work.

I left it on and left the house. I have a little Alexa cam in my home to check up on Tom. At first he was just waiting by the door (what he usually does). Then after a while he decided to play with the fish for around 40 minutes and then took a nap. Motion detected a couple times during the day where he'd get up to play with it. The fish also turns off after a while so it doesn't bother him all day.

I love this product and recommended it to all my friends. If you are looking to buy, don't hesitate.

im happy

My beautiful Zoe loves the floppy fish! It is different from other toys I've bought for her. This is the first mechanical and moving toy and she loves it. I love that shes so happy!


Came quick and actually came with the catnip. It isn't the highest quality catnip, so I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. Of course, you can refill the pouch with whatever catnip you choose.

As for the toy, the cats enjoy it a lo.t I've never seen my kitties this excited for a toy. maybe because it moves and it actually looks like a fish


i am writing this review because i am so satisfied with it, thank you very much for making my cat excited again.